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Marketing. Everybody thinks they can do it, and some can. However most don't do it well. Claiming that marketing isn't your cup-a-tea is the first step in reaching new heights. The second step is obviously contacting us.

Do we do everything? Well, no but then we don't claim to. (hint - one of the keys to a powerful brand). However, as a small business, when it comes to marketing, sometimes you don't need the entire cow (read: Marketing or Advertising agency), you just need some milk.

Dancing with Cows has a network of marketing masters who specialize in their desired fields. So whether you need copywriting help, a new website created, a logo revamp, or want to spread the word about your company, look no further. Everything is coordinated in one central location which ensures you an enjoyable and seamless marketing experience.

We'll work with you to create a solid marketing plan and the necessary communication materials to guarantee that your business goals are achieved. Plus, we know what our expertise is (and isn't!) so if we don't feel we can help you, we will recommend colleagues with appropriate expertise in your industry that can. Kinda refreshing, huh?

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